For many years besides our productive activity we hold courses to learn the techniques of working with glass..

This is a real "full immersion" into the world of glass that allows you create using the Tiffany technique various objects such as lampshades, glass boxes, pictures frame etc, and also artistic windows.

The courses are located in our workshop with no more than 5 person per course, in a friendly environment.

course is held over 3 days, normally over the weekend to allow those who work to participate, for a total of 25 hours, time to learn the basic principals of the techniques.

During the course, guided by us, you will create an object or a small window allowing you to measure your creative and manual capacity.

At the courses finish you will have not only your finished article, but also be given the tool necessary to farther this experience.

The workshop will remain at your disposition to study farther or clarify any questions, to supply glass, working instruments and all you need to fallow your interest.